What is the Key to Success in Bodybuilding?

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What is important when starting bodybuilding? Diet? Workout? Cardio?

It’s hard to tell you that there is one ting that should be more important than other things. Bodybuilding is like a necklace you wear around your neck.  If any piece of the necklace is broken or missing, it won’t be a necklace.

Bodybuilding has to be in the perfect state or environment, whatever you’d like to call it. Because in order to have the right body, everything must align. For example, you can’t just eat the right food and not work out. Or eat, work out but not get enough sleep, etc. So yes, lots of things are important.

The most important thing to keep an eye on. Whether you are trying to get big and build muscle or lose fat and get shredded is your insulin level. If that hormone isn’t working right, then forget about amounting to anything. You need to take great care with each meal your ingesting. Make sure you have enough fat, fiber, carbohydrate and protein to keep each meal balanced. That way, your insulin stays in check mode. As a result, you can keep losing fat while gaining muscle.