Danger With Weight Training And Arterial Stiffness

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The Dangers With Weight Training And Arterial Stiffness

Combining strength training and aerobics

Weight training, with it’s many benefits, comes negative effects liked increased arterial stiffness. Arterial stiffness decreases the capacity of blood vessels to control blood flow. Also, increases blood pressure and overloads the heart.

Arterial stiffening, linked to poor metabolic health and metabolic system. A group of health problems related to heart disease and stroke. Including high blood pressure, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, abnormal blood fats and abdominal obesity.

Some experts recommend performing aerobics after strength training to minimize arterial stiffening.

A three month study on exercise programming in middle-aged women by Greek and Finish scientists found no difference in health effects between combining aerobics and strength training. While in the same workout or training them sequentially at separate times. However, the women made substantial improvements in body composition, blood pressure and lung function. Also improvements with balance, muscle strength and aerobic capacity.

In the real world, it is more important to do the exercises than worry about the order in which you do them.