Weight Room Wisdom

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Urban Legends of the Weight Room: Old Myths and New Realities:

Goofy ideas abound in the weight room. According to James Peterson, a sports medicine consultant and former director of sports medicine at StairMaster. Many people focus on the training technique du jour. While CrossFit, kettelbells, long and slow distance, HIIT, yoga and bodyweight exercises all have their advocates. In fact, everything works. To an extent. The best choice depends on the interests and needs of the exerciser. Ninety five percent of success in life is showing up. Find an exercise that you enjoy. Furthermore, helps achieving your goals and stick with it.

Program Structure Influences the Results:

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Gym Wisdom-Find your right workout

No single weight training program will satisfy the needs of bodybuilders, weightlifters and power lifters. While the same for football players, tennis players or distance runners. The Executive Council of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Committee on Certification and Registry Board found.

The goals of each program depend on the demands of the sport. Bodybuilders, for example, seek to build large symmetrical muscles covered by a minimum of fat. Weightlifters must build maximum strength in highly complex movements. Movements like snatch, clean and jerk. Distance runners must build power that helps them run faster during endurance races. The weight training program should reflect these goals. Bodybuilders, for example, should perform eight to 12 reps for multiple sets. Often pushing close to failure. Weightlifters and power lifters typically perform low reps with longer rest periods between sets. The best strategy is to assess the needs of the sport and tailor the strength-training program accordingly.