Training Tips-Maximum Muscle

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Maximize Muscle Growth

Heavy Load Training Tips for Max Muscle

Studies have suggested that high-load training produces greater strength than low-load training, and both methods build muscle mass equally. Researchers compared changes in strength and muscle mass during and eight-week program in young men performing 25-35 reps per set per exercise (low load training, LL) versus eight to 12 reps per exercise (heavy load training, HL) for three sets of seven exercises. Both methods produces similar changes in lean muscle mass but HL triggered greater increases in strength. Muscle endurance was greatest with LL training. Training tips: heavy is best for building strength and muscle.

Forced Reps for Greater Muscle Growth

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Reps, sets, heavy loads and rest.

Muscle grow in response to time under tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage. Researchers explained how forced reps could take athletes to the next level of intensity in their programs. The technique involves assistance with additional reps after the lifter has reached momentary muscular failure. Assistance might vary from the “magic fingers”(spotter puts fingers on the bar and the lifter “magically” completes the rep) to significant assistance, where the spotter does much of the work. Unfortunately, few studies have examined the effects of forced reps on muscle mass and strength. The technique increases the risk of over training and overuse injury. Some fitness professionals say “Everything works”. Forced reps overload the muscles, so the will promote muscle mass and strength. Like any training method, don’t overdo it.

Rest More Between Sets when Benching Heavy

Lift heavy to produce big singles in powerlifting and weightlifing exercises. Many rest one minute or less when performing high-rep sets of eight to 15 reps. Rest longer for heavy sets- according to a new study. Researchers studied the effects of resting one, two, three or five minutes between consecutive bench press sets at three-rep maximum. Athletes completed more reps resting two, three or five minutes between sets compared to one minute. Resting five minutes caused the greatest decrease in perceived exertion. Resting two minutes between sets produces the most time-efficient results when benching heavy, but longer rest periods will make you feel better.