Training Gains

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Protein Pacing Might Enhance Training Gains

Protein pacing involves eating high-protein meals five or six times during the day. Taking in a total daily protein intake of two grams per kilogram of body weight. (.8 grams is the normal recommended intake per kilogram).

Combining protein pacing with a training program involving aerobics, interval training, and weigh training. Along with stretching resulted in greater gains than practicing the program with normal protein intake. Which is less than the 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight.

According to a study of middle-aged men by researchers from Skidmore College. The protein group made greater improvements in maximum bench press, squat jump power and five-kilometer bike time. The improvements were not dramatic and the training groups started at different fitness levels. Making it difficult to identify the effects of protein supplementation. While, a small study, additional research needed to validity of this method on middle-aged men and younger athletes.