Bodybuilding Motivation-Top Bodybuilding Physiques

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Bodybuilding Motivation-The Top Physiques in Bodybuilding

Who has the top physique in bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding Motivation-The Top Physiques in Bodybuilding

Lee Haney: Lee,¬†an incredible structure and shape. But also the fact the was so well grounded that made him a role model for other bodybuilders. Lee was a man’s man and many bodybuilders looked up to him.

Lee Labrada: Lee was a similar version of Haney. A master of presentation, and was always consistently in peak shape. Like the other Lee, Labrada was a man of integrity and totally professional in every sense of the word.

Dorian Yates: Dorian ushered in a whole new era with his overwhelming development. And that crazy back of his. He kept getting bigger as his reign went on. Starting off around 230 and eventually closing in on 270. Bodybuilders tried to get bigger as he grew, hoping to keep up. His personality was like a piece of steel: it couldn’t be bent or shaped. His physique was a product of his brutally intense training style. Dorian raised the bar for bodybuilders in the ’90s.

Stage Presentation is Everything


Flex Wheeler-One of the best bodybuilders

Shawn Ray: One of the shapeliest and well-balanced physiques ever seen. He had a certain style and class no one could duplicate. He may of been one of the first pros to use more modern music, like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, when others had been posing to orchestral arrangements like movie themes.

Flex Wheeler: Perfect balance and shape, and those amazing round muscle bellies! Everyone was blown away by his look at the 1993 Arnold Classic. What an illusion those full muscle bellies and that crisp condition created. He was only 214, but you would of sworn he weight 230 or 240. Many bodybuilders watched him grow and mature as both an athlete and a man throughout his career.

Ronnie Coleman: Dorian grew over his years as Mr. Olympia, but Ronnie exploded! At his best, Ronnie was the biggest, thickest, freakiest bodybuilder ever seen. His muscle were like giant slabs of hanging meat. Many bodybuilders would freak out looking at him backstage. Thinking, that can’t be a real person! Ronnie took it to a level so high that we haven’t seen anyone else since him match it.

Blasts from the Past

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Many were a fan to Arnold the bodybuilder. His personality and posing struck many more than his muscles. Arnold knew how to put on a real show and have the audience on the edges of their seats. He was the first champion to bring entertainment to the sport, and many bodybuilders owe him a debt of gratitude.

Lou Ferrigno: Lou was so tall and massive. Many felt he had the physique to be Mr. Olympia several times if he hadn’t gone to Hollywood to be “The Incredible Hulk”. When he finally did compete in 1992 and 1993, he was 315 ripped pounds at 6’5′, a very impressive thing to see.

Chris Cormier: The Real Deal was one of the best and most consistent competitors known. He competed in a ton of shows. Knowing, if you slipped up, Chris would be right there to beat you. Having the combination of power and grace. A tremendous physique with almost perfect structure and shape, along with plenty of mass.

Rich Gaspari: The Dragonslyer. Rich is the man who first displayed striated glutes, setting an entirely new standard for condition that the sport had to follow from then on. Secondly, what a warrior! Rich managed to be second in the world only to the great Lee Haney, and fought him tooth and nail, despite giving up height, width and mass. What an inspiration for all the underdogs out there.