How to Take Steroid Alternatives

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Steroid alternatives are a great way for athletes to enhance performance.

How do I take steroid alternatives such as Anadroll, Deccabolan, Dianibol?

Although there are dozens of variations of steroid alternatives, the following tips might help you coordinate your cycle for maximum results.

ANADROLL™ should be taken 1-2 hours before your workout with a few glasses of water. Anywhere between 2-4 capsules is a great range.
Most bodybuilders and powerlifters will use only 2 capsules on light training days and the maximum dose during very heavy and intense training days.
Taking a higher dose during heavy and light training days is common among all the products.

DIANDROBOL™ should be taken with your first meal of your day (breakfast) and before bed. The typical dose seems to be 2-4 capsules in 1 day. On non training days or light days,1 capusle in the morning and 1 before bed will still be effective.

DECCABOLAN™ should be taken around 3 hours before training with plenty of water. ONLY 1 CAPSULE IS NEEDED. Taking more than 1-2 capsule daily may cause androgenic side effects like aggression and mood swings.

Did you get a Steroid Alternatives Stack? Use the same regimens as mentioned above and you’ll be fine. If you buy the stack and you are going to cycle it instead, than we suggest you take the Anadroll for 6-8 weeks,than the Dianibol for 4-6 weeks, than the Deccabolan to fine tune your gains until your product runs out.

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