Get the Most Out of Your Squats

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Best Lifting Shoes for Squats?

Chuck Taylor Converse for SquatsUsing recreational sport shoes during the squat causes greater ankle dorsiflexion than using weightlifting shoes. Dorsiflexion, the backward bending of the food toward the shin. Research found dorsiflexion increased as athletes lifted heavier weights. This study has important implications with no universal or practical application. Many powerlifters prefer Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers because they allow greater dorsiflextion. Also more hip hinge during the squat. Taller athletes and those with poor technique or restricted ankle range, perform quad-dominant squats.  They may prefer weightlifting shoes because of their elevated heels. Many athletes squat incorrectly by not fully implementing the hip hinge and breaking at the spine. A good shoe for squatting big iron, needs a non-compressible sole. Also a metatarsal strap that allows you to “spread to the floor”.Using your feet during the exercise and good arch and foot support. Supplying a stable platform during the lift.

Leg Day MotivationNeuromuscular Function Impaired for 48 hours After Squats

The squat is a critical exercise for bodybuilders and power athletes.  A recent study found neuromuscular fatigue, evident for at least 48 hours after a squat workout.  Young men performed four different intense squat workouts. Traditional, eccentric, flywheel and plyometric squat jumps. The immediate metabolic load was greatest during flywheel and eccentric. All programs caused neuromuscular fatigue for at least 48 hours after exercise. Measured by several jumping tests. Maximum isometric force decreased for one day, but recovered after that. The lesson for power athletes is not to do heavy squats in the days before a competition.