Secret Supplement Promotes Fat Loss

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Secret Supplement Promotes Fat Loss

Which Supplements Promote Fat Loss?

Does L-Arginine burn fat? L-arginine, a popular supplement with weight lifters and bodybuilders. An amino acid in sports supplements and libido products, also helps with weight loss.


As a nitrogenous amino acid, it serves as a precursor to nitric oxide (NO), a compound whose primary function is to dilate blood vessels. In addition to the biochemical consequences that include enhanced lipolysis (fatty acid metabolism), dilated blood vessels ease heart function, improve cardiovascular health (by lowering blood pressure) and reduce risk of the associated metabolic syndrome. Blood vessel dilation is also the basis of erectile dysfunction treatment; arginine, linked to improved sexual performance but some studies also suggest that it also boosts the production of semen. The amino acid has also been suggested to help prevent renal dysfunction in type-2 diabetics.

Scientific Basis for Weight Loss Claims

The study, conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic, recruited 20 non-diabetic, obese women (waist circumference exceeded 89 cm.) between the ages of 18-40 with BMI scores ranging from 30 to 40. Participants consumed 3 grams of L-arginine 3 times daily for 12 weeks.

L-arginine supplementation led to:

Reduced waist circumference (WC). WC is a good indicator of central obesity, a result of the accumulation of visceral adipose tissue. Waist circumference recorded at 109cm after 12 weeks, significantly below the 116cm baseline measurement taken at the study’s start.

Weight Loss.

Participants recorded a 6.5 pound loss, on average, as well as lower BMI scores.
In this study, supplementation seemed to be well-tolerated, with no side effects observed.


Adding sports supplements that contain L-arginine, help promote weight loss. While also giving an extra “push” in the bedroom.

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