Protein and Building Big Muscles

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Proteins Before Bed: Key to Bigger Guns?

muscle-building-supplementsSleep promotes repair and restoration. A study at Maastricht University Medical Center found that consuming 20 grams of casein protein 30 minutes before bedtime helps build muscles. Proteins promoted protein synthesis more than a placebo (fake proteins). The test subjects performed a vigorous bout of weight training at 8:00 pm. The bodybuilding supplement increased the rate of protein synthesis by 21 percent. Also boosting the overall protein balance by more than 100 percent. Researchers used sophisticated isotopic labeling methods to  measure the rate of proteins synthesis.

This is an important study for bodybuilders. After weight training, consuming a muscle building supplement shortly before bed will promote recovery and maximize proteins synthesis.

Leucine + Protein: Better than Protein Alone

Leucine is a key amino acid for stimulating muscle synthesis. In addition to supplying protein building blocks, leucine is a signaling chemical that triggers a synthesis pathway called mTOR.  Protein high in leucine triggers synthesis, even in the absence of muscle tension and exercise. This is particularly important in older adults, who lose muscle mass with age and typically inactive. The maximum beneficial amount of proteins in a single meal for promoting muscle synthesis is about 20 to 20 grams. A study found that a meal containing 20 grams supplemented with 2.5 grams of leucine increased muscle synthesis more than just proteins alone in again men (74 years old). This was a sophisticated study using isotope tracers.