Pre-Exhaust a Lagging Chest? Chest Training Tips

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Pre-Exhausting Q & A

Q: Is pre-exhausting a good idea for a lagging chest? Hearing people say it’s great because you don’t have to go as heavy on your presses. If you do flyes and pec deck first. Feeling the presses more in your pecs instead of your shoulders and triceps. Others say the fact that you can’t use as much weight on your presses makes pre-exhausting a bad idea. Which is the best idea?

bodybuilding-supplements-build-big-chest-musclesA: Pre-exhausing can be a good idea. But not relying on it all the time. You should make more of an effort to figure out exactly what you need to do to get your pecs to do the work. Even if you start with presses. Sometimes a problem is shoulders wanting to take over. You need to play around with different body positions. Like rolling your shoulders back and down and pinching your shoulder blades together. You’ll be better off in the long run using heavier weights on the pressing movements for chest. Some will say a muscle doesn’t know how much it’s lifting and that you can make a lighter weight feel heavy. That’s something you consider if injured and really must go lighter.

Otherwise, work harder on feeling your chest. Don’t be afraid to use lighter weights to learn that. Also don’t be afraid to try machines like the Smith or Hammer Strength. Machines can definitely be effective if you have a good mind-muscle connection and work hard with decent weights. Supplementing with bodybuilding supplements can help with building big muscles and muscle recovery. Helping you achieve your bodybuilding and chest goals.