Post-Exercise Supplements

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Is Whey Protein Superior to Carb Whey Supplements Post Workout?

Post-Exercise Supplements

Adding carbohydrates to a supplement taken after weight training has no additional effect on increases in muscle mass.  Also, no additional effect on fat loss or total body fat loss. This according to research from University of Jyvaskyla in Finland.

Untrained males participating in a 12-week weight training program received supplements. Either supplements containing 30 grams of whey protein, protein plus carbohydrates alone. The drinks were consumed immediately after the workout. Weight training increased fat free mass, muscle size and strength.

Also, the whey protein group showed the greatest decreases in abdominal fat in increases in fat free mass. While none of the supplements triggered marked changes in body composition. However whey protein alone had the greatest effects on abdominal fat and lean mass.

Furthermore, these results might not apply to intensity training strength athletes or bodybuilders.