Build Up Your Lower Back-Lower Back Extensions

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When thinking about back development, chances are you are focused on the upper back. If so, then you are likely doing lots of pull downs to widen your back and maybe some rows to add thickness and strength to your middle back, but not a lot of lower back work.

Furthermore, a lot of the machines in the gym take out the need to stabilize the spine, so the lower back does not typically get much direct or indirect work in the average workout. As a result, you lower back may be underdeveloped and yet it is vulnerable to injury and should really receive specialized attention to keep you out of the pain ward at your local hospital.

One great solution is to incorporate lower back extensions into your routine. This simple, yet very specific exercise can develop iron-like strength to the muscles surrounding your spine because it strongly targets the spinal musculature and also activates other lower body muscles that assist in extending the torso. It also minimizes the risk to the vertebrae disks, which can receive more stress on other lower back exercises.


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Lower Back Extensions

1. Lie face down (prone) on a back extension bench. Place the front part of your hips comfortable across the hip pad. Your knees should be almost, but not quite straight. Place your lower leg under pads or rollers that will anchor you during the movement. The pads should be placed between mid-calf and ankle.

2. Begin with a flexed hip, with about a 90-degree angle between you upper and lower body. Raise your torso by extending the back.

3. Continue upward until your back is parallel to the floor, and there is a straight line through your back, hips and legs. Do not lift higher than this to hyper extend the back. The force should come smoothly (no jerking or fast movements) from your erector spinae and hip muscles. Exhale as you come up.

4. After the extension is complete, slowly reverse your direction, and control the lowering of the weight of your upper body until it is just short of the starting position, then repeat for a total of 10-15 reps. Both the up and down phases of each rep should be slow and controlled and therefore you should not swing your torso upwards. This will maintain tension on the muscles throughout the effort. Inhale on the way down.

After a short time, you may find you need extra resistance. You can put a light barbell plate or dumbbell below the back extension bench. After you are in the start position, with your hips flexed, pick up the weight, flex your arms and hold the weight close to your chest throughout the exercise. Adding a legal steroid, with the effects of Nandrolone will help with quick muscle recovery and build muscles as well.