Top Lift for Lean Muscle Mass

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Top Lift for Lean Muscle Mass

One of the top and over looked lift for lean muscle mass? Chin-Ups

Chin-ups, guaranteed to pack beef on your frame. How to get the most from your chin-up.

Theoretically, you build a great back by only doing barbell rows, deadlifts and chin-ups. Chin-ups, an incredibly basic movement. . Reach up and grab onto a bar, then pull yourself up. Most opt for lat pulldowns instead. Not that they’re not worth doing. However, pulling your own bodyweight upwards is tough.  If strong enough to add weights strapped on, you’ll grow a wide meaty upper back!

People avoid chin-ups because hard to do. Same reason many pass on squats and deadlifts. The hardest, most uncomfortable exercises, usually the most productive.

How to do a proper chin-up.

You’ll want to do these first in your back workout. Otherwise, a true struggle towards the end. Several different grips for chins. The standard overhand grip is the toughest. Always do those first for a couple of sets before moving on to underhand or neutral grip. Try doing all chin-ups with overhand grip, saving other hand positions for lat pulldowns later in the workout. Nothing wrong with using wrist straps either. Most important- pull up and try to squeeze your upper back before lowering under control. Avoid the jerky swinging motions you see some doing. That will do nothing to build back muscles.

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