Kayaker Banned from Olympics! Steroid Scandal

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One of Japan’s top prospects for the 2020 Tokyo Games has been banned from the Olympics. Admitting to spiking his fellow kayaker’s drink with anabolic steroids.

As reported by The Japan Times and announced by the Japan Anti-Doping Agency on Tuesday. 32-year-old Yasuhiro Suzuki will be ineligible to compete in any Olympics for the next eight years. After an investigation by the Japan Canoe Federation revealing he put a “muscle-building supplement” with a “banned steroid” into the drink of Seiji Komatsu.

Japan’s Anti-Doping Agency called Suzuki’s violation the country’s first case of “deliberate contamination.” But The Japan Times suggested that the banned kayaker is no stranger to such controversy.

“In its investigation into the incident, the canoe federation found that Suzuki had made repeated attempts to sabotage other competitors. Not only Komatsu, by such means as stealing equipment used in training and competition. It has recommended Suzuki’s expulsion from the federation.”

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