Make Your Lats Flare

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Wide-Grip Chins Make Your Lats Flare.

How to get your lats to flare as much as possible under armpits.

Which is a better choice to grow lats ? Wide-grip chin ups, barbell rows or pull downs to bring out the lower portion of lat muscles?

Wide-grip chin ups, the best exercise to flare the upper lat.  Better than lat pulldowns, because hanging in the air from a bar and not locked under a pad. Making it much tougher to cheat, so your lat and to an extent, biceps, doing the work.

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Build big back and lat muscles.

Barbell rows, an excellent choice for lat thickness. Some prefer to do with an underhand grip. Finding you pull the bar closer to the body with a reverse grip, targeting the lower lat more. Always keep back slightly arched and head up when doing barbell rows. Focus on getting a deep contraction in the lat.

Another exercise building muscle for the  back is the pullover. Either with a dumbbell or machine. The pullover gives you a great stretch at the start of every rep. Also a way to work the back hard without worrying about biceps being “weak links”. Failing before the bigger, more powerful lats do.

The back muscle mass can be a tough area to develop. Because it’s not easy to feel it working, as the case with some other muscle groups. Needing to work back from a few different angles to stimulate different areas. In addition to chins, barbell rows and pullovers. Adding low cable rows, dumbbell rows and T-bar rows. Keep your reps in the eight to 12 range. Most importantly, make a conscious effort to feel your lats contracting every rep.