Fit and Fat-Can You Be Both?

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Can you be fit and fat?

Large population studies by researchers found overweight people who exercised regularly showed a reduced risk of heart disease.

Regular physical activity improves metabolic health. Even in the face of excess fat. Fit but fat people, metabolically healthier than thinner people who do not exercise. Measures of poor metabolic health include high blood pressure and elevated levels of triglycerides. Also higher blood sugar and C-reactive protein. Along with insulin resistance and low levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

A study presented at the European Congress on Obesity found that obese but metabolically  healthy people showed higher risks. Higher risks of heart disease, stroke and heart failure than leaner people. The study, however, did not consider levels of physical activity. People who exercise vigorously have a lower risk of cardiovascular incidents than non-exercisers. Regardless of weight or body mass index.

The three most important risk factors for poor metabolic health are age, physical inactivity and waist circumference. Physically active people have smaller waist circumferences, regardless of overall body fat. Conversely, many physically active overweight and obese people are metabolically healthy. Regular exercise trims belly fat and improves metabolic health. Even in people who are overweight or obese.