Enhancing Muscle Growth

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Light Weights and Bodybuilding Supplements Enhancing Muscle Growth

How to Enhance Muscle Growth

Can light weights enhance muscle growth? “Lift heavy to grow!” Preached since the early days of bodybuilding. Current research based resistance training guidelines consistent with the heavier-is-better-mentality. Professing that loads below -65 percent of one-repetition maximum (1RM) primarily build muscle endurance. While little effect on increasing the muscle size. The contention rests on the premise that heavy loads, required to recruit the full spectrum of motor units (MUs) in a given motor pool. If true, this would substantiate the need to go heavy, since maximal muscle development is dependent on recruiting as many MUs as possible. Keeping them stimulated for a sufficient period of time.

Heavy Lifting VS Light Weights

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Light weights and bodybuilding supplements to enhance muscle growth.

Some in the field have challenged the allegation that heavy lifting is necessary to build muscle. Proponents claim that training carried out to muscular failure, light-load training will recruit the full spectrum of motor units (and thus muscle fibers). Allowing for gains similar to that of using heavy loads. Indeed, there is evidence that fatiguing muscular contractions result in a corresponding increase in electromyographic (EMG) amplitude. Presumably driven by an increased recruitment of high-threshold MUs to maintain force output. Whether EMG findings actually translate into greater hypertrophy remains speculative. However, the true answer determined by training studies that measure changes in muscle size over time.

Training to Muscle Failure

Contrary to prevailing theory, no significant differences seen between low-versus high-load training in either strength or hypertrophy. Although a trend for greater increases was noted in both conditions. Based purely on statistical probability. Implying that from a strength-or muscle building standpoint, it really doesn’t matter whether you use heavy or light loads. Provided the training is carried out to muscle failure.

Misguided Weight Beliefs

In summary, evidence shows that low load training can be an effective means to increase muscle size and strength. The popular belief that lifting light weights can not build muscle clearly is misguided. That said, there does appear to be an advantage to using heavier loads for maximizing muscular adaptations . It is interesting to speculate that combining high and low loads might be the ideal approach from a hypertrophy standpoint. One caveat: the light load set lasted three to four times longer than the heavy load set. Indication that fibers activated during light-load training received considerable greater time under load.

Benefits of Bodybuilding Supplements

Adding bodybuilding supplements into your daily routine helps increase strength, therefore enabling you to lift more. Bodybuilding supplements contain no banned substances and not harmful to your system. Whether you lift heavy or light, taking muscle building supplements helps you achieve your bodybuilding goals.