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Ab Training and Diet

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestRedditStumbleUponTumblrAbs Everyday The ab training secret to a fantastic midsection is training abdominals every day. Try adding a few sets of ab work every day once finish training a muscle… Read more »


Ultimate Delt Program

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestRedditStumbleUponTumblrDelt Program: Deltoids- The unsung hero of physiques When people rave about specific body parts, the two most common subjects, arms and quads. Arms have always been the showpiece muscle… Read more »

Training to get strong.

Weight Room Wisdom

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestRedditStumbleUponTumblrUrban Legends of the Weight Room: Old Myths and New Realities: Goofy ideas abound in the weight room. According to James Peterson, a sports medicine consultant and former director of… Read more »

Leg Day-Get the most from your Squat

Get the Most Out of Your Squats

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestRedditStumbleUponTumblrBest Lifting Shoes for Squats? Using recreational sport shoes during the squat causes greater ankle dorsiflexion than using weightlifting shoes. Dorsiflexion, the backward bending of the food toward the shin…. Read more »


Arm Training Goals and Workouts

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestRedditStumbleUponTumblrArm Training and Bodybuilding When starting bodybuilding, many individuals training in a manner that allows feeling the individual muscles working. Not doing any compound exercises for triceps like dips or… Read more »

Anabolic Back Workouts

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestRedditStumbleUponTumblrAnabolic Back Workouts Get your back muscles in an anaboic state to build big muscles and intense strength gains. Below are four different workouts you can choose from. Switching it… Read more »

Protein and Building Big Muscles

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestRedditStumbleUponTumblrProteins Before Bed: Key to Bigger Guns? Sleep promotes repair and restoration. A study at Maastricht University Medical Center found that consuming 20 grams of casein protein 30 minutes before… Read more »