Boost Your Bench Press

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How to Boost Your Bench Press

Everyone wants to build a huge chest. But many aren’t satisfied with merely looking like you can bench press a ton. Wanting to be as powerful as those thick pecs would suggest. New research in the field of strength training has shown that pressing more weight is closely linked to performing the lift as fast as possible. Two studies summarized below, very interesting to anyone looking to boost his bench press.

Simple Trick to Improve Bench Pressing

Study #1

One study demonstrated that explosive acceleration during the bench press caused an immediate  improvement in the benching strength. Presumably by stimulating a process known as PAP (post-activation potentiation), Which further increases fast-twitch fiber activation. In this study, researchers showed that nine male subjects performing high-velocity push-ups, before attempting their one-rep bench maximum. Increased their one-rep max by approximately eight pounds. Compared to the control group that did not perform high-velocity push-ups. That group showing no increase in bench strength. These results highlight the potential use of explosive movements for both short-term and long-term strength gains.

Study #2

Another study showed the positive influence that explosive bench-pressing has on strength gains. While compared to normal-speed benching. In this study, all 20 subjects trained twice a week for three weeks. One group performed the lift at near-maximal speed at 85 percent of their 1RM. The second group performed at standard speed.  At the of the study, the explosive bench group added 10 percent to their maximum bench press. While also increasing the speed with which they perform the lift. The second group that performed at normal lifting speed did not gain any strength or power.