Never Give Up-Follow Your Bodybuilding Passion

Never Give Up-Follow Your Bodybuilding Passion

Don’t let the haters get you down

When you start bodybuilding, people seem to want to put you down. Saying, “it’s a waste of time” and other nonsense. How does one deal with such criticism? Does it add fuel to the flames, making you become a bodybuilder more?

Many bodybuilders, all the time keep on lifting and growing. Words like, “you’re still doing that thing?” or “do you finally have a real job yet?” The best is ” can you actually make money doing that?” Bodybuilders laugh at people like that as they smoke their cigarettes. Waddling their overweight bodies around.

It feels good to be able to pay bills doing something you love. Never give up on bodybuilding passion. You’ll be happy. Remember, people out there who gave up on their muscle building dreams and fitness goals. It kills the haters to see someone like you going after what they want, but can not do.

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