Bodybuilding Goals: How Motivated Do You Feel?

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Bodybuilding Motivation

Why is bodybuilding motivation so difficult?  How come the #1 question I receive is from somebody who asks, “I know what to do, but I just need somebody to motivate me to do it all year round.” Can you clearly see your goals that you want to obtain?

:: A Goal Must Be Well Defined ::

If you’ve seen those Red Cross thermometers or any place that shows some type of chart with the money received and the ultimate goal.. that is pretty well defined. Think of yourself after you achieved your goal. Imagine yourself lifting weights and building muscle. Even to imagining the muscle building supplements you will purchase.

:: A Goal Must Be Stated In Writing ::

Life gets in the way. Whether it be a post it on your desk or a written list. Write down your goals.

:: A Goal Must Be Stated In The Positive ::

Use a positive mindset when creating a goal.  “I won’t eat junk food”, better stated as “eat healthy foods each day.”  Even better is “I enjoy eating healthy foods each day.”

:: A Goal Must Have A Deadline For Completion ::

Simple.  Because it’s something to look forward to and think
about.  If there’s no real goal for completion, there’s no sense of urgency after a bit and hence, most people quit the gym after 6 months.

:: A Goal Must Be Difficult, Yet Realistic ::

With that said, if it’s too easy, it’s unlikely you’ll give it enough attention to really focus on it or care.  “I’m going to make it to the gym tomorrow,” is hardly an earth shattering revelation for most.  To make matters worse, if difficult, getting frustrated with the lack of progress.  While meaning you need to create goals in a way you can get the job done.