Bigger-2018 Movie-The Weider Brothers

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Bigger-2018 Movie

The inspirational story of iconic brothers IFBB founder Joe and Ben Weider. Also the grandfathers of the fitness movement that is so prevalent today. They discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger and created bodybuilding as a sport. Its a rags to riches story of epic proportions.

Bad Boys and Midnight Run scribe George Gallo is set to direct his ninth feature Bigger about bodybuilding pioneer brothers Joe and Ben Weider, who against all odds, battled poverty and anti-Semitism to create the fitness industry as we know it.

Tyler Hoechlin from Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some, MTV’s Teen Wolf and MGM’s upcoming The Domestics will play Joe Weider, who discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger and founded the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) which operates today in 55 countries.

“The brothers’ story sets a powerful example of what hard work and extreme focus can achieve for the youth of today. These brothers literally changed the world” says Jones.

Gallo adds, “It’s beyond inspirational. Furhtermore, resonating with not only the massive crowd of those who have found the balance of body and mind. While essential for a healthy life. While  also the throngs of people  inspired by Joe and his Mr. Olympia events and IFBB.