Big Guns-Secrets of the Pro’s!

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Big Guns Secrets from Bodybuilding Pros-Tips, Tricks and Lessons form the Greats!

No body part captures the attention of bodybuilder pros like the arms. We love to build them. We love to show them off and admire and covet exceptional arms in others. For building ” big guns” we’ve collected valuable advise on building biceps and triceps. Follow these tips and maybe your guns can someday swell to jaw dropping dimensions!

Avoid Training Mistakes

2 Common Biceps Training Mistakes: One error seen that needs corrected is to train biceps with back. On the surface, it makes sense, since the biceps used indirectly in all types of chins. Also pulldowns, rows and the deadlift. That is exactly why you shouldn’t train biceps after back. Already under stress from those heavy back exercises. Subjecting tendons to more stress with direct biceps training immediately after proves too much. Also use caution doing barbell rows with an underhand or curl grip. The argument of reverse-grip rows is that they put the biceps in stronger pulling position. While true, bu the fact of the matter is the biceps, relatively small muscle. They aren’t meant to be pulling hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

Big Guns Arm Routine

Dexter Jackson Typical Arm Workout:

Dexter Jackson Arm Routine

Big Guns! Tips and Tricks the Pros Use


Preacher Curls 4 X 8 -10

EZ-Bar 21’s 4 X 8 -10

Dumbbell Concentration Curls OR One-Arm Machine Curls (elbow above shoulder joint) 4 X 8-10

Triceps: (Dexter performs tri-sets, or three exercises back to back without resting, for four to five rounds.

Cable Pushdowns, V or Straight Bar 4 -5 X 10

Skull-Crushers or Dip Machine 4 -5 X 10

Rope Pushdowns 4 -5 X 10

” I don’t care how much weight I’m using on anything in the gym as long as it’s stimulating the muscle like I want it to. If I can’t get that feeling, I use a little less weight.”- Dexter Jackson

Go for Max Pump, Then Stop

While some guys do as many as 30 sets for arms, is that number right or too much? You can’t put a number on it. Once you get a maximum muscle pump in the arms, then you should stop. Whether that’s after 10 sets or 25. If you find yourself losing the pump or feeling weak, you did too much. For most, it never takes more than three or four exercises each for the biceps or triceps before reaching that point.

Take the Delts Out of Curls and Grow Those Biceps

lifting weights

Get that muscle pump!

If you have strong shoulders, be careful or they take over everything. Like chest work and biceps. Once your biceps start getting fatigued after a few exercises, you need to take the shoulder out of the motion. Try the preacher bench, doing one-arm curls. Or sit on a bench where you can brace one arm on inner thigh for concentration curls. Either way, your arm is locked into position and takes the shoulders out of the motion so the biceps do all the work.

Biceps are a Simple Muscle

Guys train them too often and they do way too much. Biceps in particular are a pretty simple muscle. There is no reason to ever do any more than three different exercises for them in any one workout. Your form needs to be good, too. You have to squeeze the muscle at the end of each rep. Controlling the negative so you get that good stretch. You can’t do that when you’re going too heavy. Don’t let your ego get in the way of progress with the arms.