Better Abs, Better Sex

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The tie between abs and a great sex life-

Better abs and better sex, both hallmarks of a youthful, vigorous, physically active, healthy body. Unfortunately, “Youth is wasted on the young”. Not only that, but changes in lifestyle and social trends now encourage obesogenic behavior. Body types associated with metabolic disorders and increased health risks.

Consider the motivation to trim the waistline, improving torso tone if the results weren’t just a “beach body”.  Also allowing for better sexual function and satisfaction. Is it wrong to pursue a healthy goal if part of the intent is to receive pleasure? No! Reinforcing a positive behavior generally improves participation and compliance. So get ready to crunch, plank and Kegel your way to better sex.

Creating your Six-Pack


Six-pack abs help have a better sex life!

What creates a great set of abs? Opinions vary, but generally the torso is tapered (V-shape for men, hourglass for ladies). Skin is smooth without folds or dimples. Some people, attracted to extremes in leanness. Chiseled obliques as part of the package. Others prefer a slightly softer look that is not intimidating. Offering shape and contour rather than definition. Certainly, there are very strong individuals with incredible “abs” who carry a significant amount of central body fat.

Abdominal fat, including under the skin and surrounding the organs of the abdomen. There are also very slender people who have poorly developed “core” muscles. Great abs require the combination of both well-developed core muscles. As well as a healthy level of subcutaneous and visceral fat. Sorry, this means that nutritional discipline and physical effort are required. Putting great abs out of the reach of the majority of U.S. adults, unless they alter their lifestyle.


Appropriate diets and training are discussed in many sources. Many options that a personalized approach can be developed for most physically capable people. Yoga, calisthenics, and CrossFit provide all the physical stimulation needed if the diet and lifestyle well-managed. Depending upon the current state of each individual, the diet may need to be hypocaloric to support fat loss. Including adequate amount of protein to support lean muscle mass. Need not be ketogenic or even low carb. Avoiding low fat diets. The Mediterranean Diet or Zone Diet plans are wonderful options for those who consume meals with family or in social settings that don’t abide by low-gylcemic load guidelines.

Benefits in the Bedroom


Better abs-Better sex

So, what benefits  generated by developing and maintaining great abs? Benefits transferring to the bedroom? Of course,  enhanced cosmetic appeal, and who does not want to be more attractive to one’s spouse or mate? Often greater self-confidence, particularly when one is naked. Even increased respect from one’s partner for the positive change accomplished through effort and dedication.

Likely that your partner will get a boost in social standing (and have more satisfying orgasms) by having the mate who looks better, younger or just hotter. Especially ladies, if her friends notice. Be aware, though, that changes best experienced when shared as a couple. If only one person makes dramatic changes, often the other becomes challenged. Also suspicious or self-conscious of his/her physical appearance. All of which can negatively affect a relationship. Sensitivity and communicate if involved in an intimate relationship.

Beyond that, many “hidden” metabolic benefits attained following the lifestyle providing great abs. Once, this the norm, but now it’s the exception. The prevalence of overweight/obesity, especially central obesity. Making evident the role that one’s diet, activity and sleeping patterns play in promoting health. Now think about your body. If it is under attack by chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances and vascular damage or excess mass. Do you think your body is feeling as “sexy” as it might in a healthy condition?  Hopefully illustrating why a person’s lifestyle affects one’s health and qualities we too often take for granted.

Better Orgasms

So, let’s run down the great abs lifestyle benefits in general. Improved mental health, insulin sensitivity, cellular energetics, vascular response and erectile function. Also cardiovascular fitness, hormonal optimization and intense orgasms. Orgasm quality improved for men and women. These effects the “machine” being maintained well throughout life. Abuse of alcohol and drugs, overeating and poor dietary selections. Also stress, variable sleeping patterns, sedentary lifestyle, etc. All combine to alter these functions. In the absence of significant disease, great abs  achieved by following the same guidelines the lead to improved health.