Chest Press Newbie-How to Barbell Press

Chest Press Newbie-How to Barbell Press

How low do you go?

Many weight lifters never know how far to lower the bar on flat and incline bench presses. Some say lower all the way until the bar touches your chest. Others say that’s too far. How do you know which is the right way?

Two factors to consider before choosing . Your structure and your flexibility. Generally speaking, if shorter person, or have shorter arms you’ll achieve a full range of motion touching the bar to chest. If taller, with longer arms you’ll reach the fill stretch position and get same range of motion before bar touches chest.

Both assuming your grip shoulder width apart on the bar, or just beyond. Lifters with disproportionately long arms may need to space hands wider than this. Knowing when you feel a complete stretch of the pecs, and that’s about how low to go. Flexibility factors into this, because someone who is lacking will risk tearing a pec. Especially if suddenly attempting to lower the bar farther than they normally do if adding heavy weight.

Regarding the grip width on the bench press, any time you have a wider than normal grip. On the barbell, you don’t want to lower so far the bar touches your body. Doing so puts the shoulder joint in a vulnerable position for injury. So wide grip is not recommended in the first place. Just outside of shoulder width is about right for most.

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