Avoid Training Mistakes & How to Fix Them

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Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them-

Lack of Sleep: If you don’t eat enough, you won’t grow. And if you don’t sleep enough, you won’t grow either. Lack of sleep increases the body’s release of the catabolic hormone cortisol. Catabolic is muscle wasting, the opposite of anabolic, or muscle building. You can’t recover and grow from your workouts without enough sleep. FIX: Sleep a solid eight hours a night if possible. If work, family or other demands make that impossible, do the best you can. Take any naps you can to make up for a nightly deficit. Sleep late on the occasions you are able to.

Checking your iPhone Constantly: Most of us are addicted to our cell phones. Constantly checking text messages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not only do these thing wast tremendous amounts of our time, but also providing a continuous distraction. Weight training requires extreme focus on the task at hand. If you are going through workouts with an iPhone in one hand, you are not focused. FIX: Unless you have a job that demands accessibility at all times. Or have children , lock up your phone with your jacket and wallet and leave it behind in the locker room. Your workout will be more focused and productive.

legal-steroidsThe attitude these days seems to consider training to be a mere afterthought. “Just do what you want in the gym…it doesn’t matter.” The dismissal of training’s true significance has led to an entire generation of bodybuilders failing to realize their full potential.

Stinky Form/Ego Lifting: These two things occur simultaneously often enough. Though not always. Stinky form means your not properly engaging the target muscle. It could be swinging or heaving the weight. Or cutting the range of motion short as in quarter reps with every plate in the gym stacked on the leg press. Typically bad form stems from using more weight in an effort to look like a bad-ass. Ego lifting is simply using more weight than you can handle in good form. FIX: Leave your ego at the gym door. It doesn’t matter how much weight you lift if you’re not working the target muscles. Use good form and leave the stunt lifting to the ignorant fools who don’t know any better.

Lack of Nutritional Support: Probably the most common training mistake is not supporting your workouts and recovery with adequate nutrients and muscle building supplements. A lot of guys put out plenty of effort in the gym, but lazy when it comes to eating and supplementing right. FIX: To get the best results from training, eat a meal containing quality protein and carbohydrate sources every two to three hours. From the time you wake up until you go to sleep. For the most, this will wind up being five to six meals every day. Lots of work, but it pays off.