Arm Training Goals and Workouts

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Arm Training and Bodybuilding

When starting bodybuilding, many individuals training in a manner that allows feeling the individual muscles working. Not doing any compound exercises for triceps like dips or close grip pull presses. Some feel those exercises not seeming the best for isolating the muscles and making them grow. Feeling that too much chest and shoulders working, which seems wrong.  Below arm training exercises that will set you in motion for building big muscles and intense strength gains.

Biceps/Triceps Superset Workout A

Three sets of Cambered or Straight bar cable curls. Superset with: Cambered bar triceps press downs (with elbows tucked, not elbows out)

3 sets of Dumbbell Curls. (Sometimes alternating or together, sometimes hammer or cross body). Superset with: Lying dumbbell triceps extensions.

Three sets of Seated High Pulley Cable Curls. Superset with Bent over cable triceps extensions.

3 sets of  Cambered bar Preacher Curls. Superset with Lying cambered bar triceps extensions. (skull crushers)

Try doing three out of four supersets for the days you decide to superset arms.

Biceps/Triceps Superset Workout B

Do three sets of the exercises above, then three sets of the other, like this.

Three sets of cambered bard preacher curls.

3 sets of skull crushers.

Three sets of cambered or straight bar seated high pulley cable curls.

3 sets of cambered or straight bar press downs (elbows tucked).

Three sets of dumbbell curls (sometimes alternation or together, hammer or cross body).

3 sets of lying dumbbell triceps extensions.

Three sets of one arm cable curls.

3 sets of bent over one arm cable press downs.

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