Anabolic Back Workouts

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Anabolic Back Workouts

Get your back muscles in an anaboic state to build big muscles and intense strength gains. Below are four different workouts you can choose from. Switching it up keeps your muscles growing. Adding muscle building supplements helps your muscles grow and recovery quick so you can lift more and go heavy.

Workout 1

Chins (only as a warm up-four sets of 10-12 reps or more if you can, may use various grips)

Barbell Rowing

Reverse-grip Pulldowns

Machine Rowing

Do six sets of each exercise. Trying to use weights that allow you to reach failure at these rep ranges. 16, 8, 12, 6, 10, 5. Use the muscle confusion principle. Muscle confusion involves doing a different rep range for every set of an exercise. Not pyramiding up or down in a steady manner. Instead, go back and forth between heavy and more moderate weight from set to set. This really stimulates the muscle in a way that’s totally unaccustomed to. It may sound silly, but give it a try and you’ll change your mind.

Set 1: 15 reps – Set 2: 6 reps –  Set 3: 12 reps – Set 4: 8 reps – Set 5: 10 reps – Set 6: 5 reps.

anabolic-supplementsWorkout 2

Chins to front- four sets to failure

Pullover Machine- four sets of 20 reps, if there is no machine, use a dumbbell

Cable Machine Rowing- three sets of 12 reps.

High Rows- three sets of 25 reps. Pull from a high pulley to your chest using either a shore straight bar or a rope attachment.

Workout 3


Machine Rows- five sets of six reps

Reverse-grip Barbell Rows- three sets of 12 rep

Dumbbell Rows- one drop set for each arm. Eight reps then drop, eight more then drop, and eight more.


Wide-grip Pulldowns- three sets of nine reps

Reverse-grip Pulldowns- three sets of nine reps

High Rows-three sets of nine reps

If you can do this whole workout at once, that s fine. You may be able to do it better if you split it up into a morning and evening workout, time permitting.

Workout 4

Reverse-grip Pulldowns- four sets of 15-16 reps (pyramid up in weight)

T-bar Rowing- same sets and reps

Pulldowns to Front- same sets and reps

Barbell Rows- same sets and reps-Superset with Pullovers-four sets of 20