Generational Management Resources specializes in case management for individuals with disabilities, we assist with trust management, guardianship, medical malpractice life care planning, social service benefits applications, property management and attorneys.

Marie has learned that medical or nursing care is not enough to truly heal the ill or properly care for any individual – there must also be a strong spirit of love, attention, smiles, hugs, and sincere care and devotion for an individual, regardless of age, to surpass life’s physical, emotional and environmental challenges.

Marie shares he personal philosophy on elderly care with us, a philosophy she carries into GMR’s care and management of patients of all ages.

As a nurse with many years experience in the care of both pediatric and geriatric patients, I have comforted those that are new to life as well as those that have lived a full life, and I have learned that humans, at all ages, can flourish only when they can experience love and care and spend time doing what they enjoy.

Unfortunately, so many elderly individuals are left alone with only their basic needs attended to, but they require so much more to enjoy their remaining years. They need attention, they need someone to love (such as a companion, a grandchild or a pet), they need hobbies and interests, they need intellectual and emotional stimulation, they need to breathe fresh air outside, they need to stretch and move and walk to maintain flexibility. Physical ailments may limit them but these needs can be met within the parameters of their physical limitations. And as I have experienced, once these higher needs are met many of these physical limitations are no longer as limited as they once were and often times, they even miraculously disappear. The spirit and the mind are God’s gifts to us and only when we feed that spirit can humans truly enjoy their lives, at any age.

It is this philosophy I and my employees carry with us into our practice at Generational Management Resources. I personally evaluate every new case and direct the actions required to improve that individual’s life. I evaluate and assess the individual to determine their medical and physical situation, as daily routines. Does he get outdoors everyday for fresh air? Does he or she need physical therapy to improve mobility? Has she been to the hairdresser lately? (It’s amazing what a manicure and hair styling can do to cheer the spirit.) What does she like to do to pass the time and is she provided with the means to do that? Is she able to garden, or hear music or read books, if that is what she likes? Is she able to use the phone to call family and friends? Do family and friends keep in touch with her? If there is household staff, are they competent? Are they honest and trustworthy? How does he get around medical appointments and other places? Are his legal affairs in order or do we need to get him legal counsel to handle his estate planning?

At GMR, we do not just provide the minimal nursing a person may need. We look to “manage” the life of that individual and ascertain all their needs, no just their medical needs, but also their personal needs. Life is precious at all stages.

Our Team:

Meet the President: Marie Rodrigo LPN, RPG, CCM

Marie RodrigoGMR Enterprise Founder, Marie Rodrigo, a Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Professional Guardian, understands the life cycle and the challenges at each stage of life. Marie’s personal life experience as a parent with a child whom experienced a disabling accident, led her to the Advocate Professional she now represents. Marie learned that medical or nursing care was not enough to truly heal the condition afflicting her child. Through education, persistence, faith and perseverance while simultaneously establishing the Network of Medical and Educational Care Providers she continued to pursue all the avenues available for the best long term outcome for him. —the family then understood the need for a strong spirit of love, attention, smiles, hugs and sincere care and devotion for such individuals, regardless of age. Rehabilitation is a process which never ends.

In order to surpass life’s physical, emotional and environmental challenges, Marie has furthered her medical education in Traumatic Brain/Spinal-Cord Injuries, helping and giving hope to those individuals in need. Marie and her team sees the person beyond the Disability and helps them and their family see the individual to develop to their full capacity.

Marie Rodrigo is a graduate of FIT in 1977 with a Bachelors in Business and Communication, worked for Bell South as Director of South Florida Vendors Services, returned to school for her degree in Nursing from Lindsay Hopkins School of Medicine in 1991, joined Pediatric Health Choice, earned an Early Child Degree with Miami Dade County and furthered her ambition by becoming a team member of The Association for Disabled Citizens and ARC Project Thrive, while at ARC Marie secured her Guardianship Certification from Miami Dade and State of Florida as well as assisted in the development of the children & Youth program, Sandor Weiner Charter School, the Guardianship & Case Management Program. She continued her education with Stetson Law University, and Elder Affairs division.  Marie remains active in all areas of Medicine East and West as well as the State of Florida, Guardianship programs and Case Management Protocols, and maintains a strong presence on the cutting edge in the field of Management for those whom are unable to meet the demands of care themselves.

At GMR Enterprises; There are no problems, only Solutions.

Millie MartinezMillie Martinez, MSW Case Manager

Graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Bachelors in Psychology in 1995; Millie, a mother of two obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work from Barry University in 2001; worked as a Case Manager/Social Worker at the Miller School of Medicine University of Miami in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Special Immunology Research Division; worked as a Waiver Support Coordinator for Medicaid Waiver and has been with GMR since the beginning of 2008.



Nicole CosculluellaNicole Cosculluela, Administrative Assistant

Graduate of Florida International University 2002 in Business Administration; Mother of two; profound experience in Legal – Corporate and Criminal law; experience in general medicine and orthopedics; has been working with GMR since January 2008.



Yemen Oropesa, Case Manager

Graduated Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Social Services. Currently working on her Master’s Degree, Yemen is a new mother and is very passionate about her work. Has been working for GMR since January 2008. Mrs. Oropesa develops a strong working partnership with children youth and family in her community.



Daniel RodrigoDaniel Rodrigo

Mr. Rodrigo holds a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies in Organizational Leadership and Management from The University of Calgary and  a Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Organizations from Florida International University.

Mr. Rodrigo is passionately engaged in service to the nonprofit and public sectors having served  small organizations. A significant portion of Daniel’s focus is concentrated toward advancing programs for the Individuals with Disability’s  and the services that assist men, women and families with moving from public dependency to self-sufficiency.