Ab Training and Diet

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Abs Everyday

The ab training secret to a fantastic midsection is training abdominals every day. Try adding a few sets of ab work every day once finish training a muscle group. Everyday do something to keep your abs tight. Not trying to build them, but always wanting them to be hard and condition.  On full day ab workout, each exercise done three sets of 15-20 reps.

The Role of Cardio

Abdominal training and 100 percent clean diet, two critical factors in displaying a ripped midsection. The importance of cardiovascular training is important as well.  Try to get in 20-30 minutes of cardio after daily weight training workout. Something like the treadmill, elliptical or stepper. Heart rate range 150-160 beats per minute after warming up. Try not to get into the fat burning zone with the heart rate.

Daily Diet

Meal 1-

Steak (4 oz), 1 large whole egg, oatmeal-1 cup….total protein-53.6g, carbs-50.8g, fats-24.6, total calories-605

Meal 2-

Chicken breast (8oz), white rice-1 cup, broccoli-8 florets…total protein 47g, carbs 53g, fats 5.1, total calories 472

ab training-6 pack abs

Training and diet tips for 6 pack abdominals

Meal 3-

Chicken breast (8oz), broccoli-8 florets…total protein 46g, carbs 8g, fats 5.1, total calories 296


Top sirloin beef (8oz), avocado-1 cup, white rice-1 cup…total protein 64.3g, carbs 63g, fats 38g, total calories 852


Top sirloin beef (8oz), white rice-1 cup, broccoli-8 florets…total protein 60.3g, carbs 53g, fats 20.1g, total calories 637

Meal 6

Casein shake, 1 tbsp peanut butter…total protein 54g, carbs 6g, fats 10g, total calories 295

Daily total protein= 325.2g, carbs 233.8g, fats 102.9g…total calories 3157

Ab Training Workout

Three sets of 15-20 reps for each exercise.

Straight Leg Crunches

Spider Mountain Climbers: start in push up position, prone with body weight supported on hands and toes. Alternate bringing right knee up to touch the outside of right arm, bringing left knee up towards left arm.

Wall Mountain Climbers: begin in push up position, except feet elevated behind you on a wall. Maintaining this position duration of 15-20 rep set. One foot always remains on the wall, forcing you to keep core tight the entire time. Bring knee of right leg down to the outside of right arm, repeat with left knee/left arm.

Hanging Leg Raises: Jump up taking overhand grip on pull up bar. Raise legs in bent position, leading with knees, drawing up towards chest. A tougher version with legs held straight out.

Box Jumps: do continuous jumps for 90 seconds, rest 30 seconds, repeat four rounds.

Alternating Leg Lifts: laying down on back, raise left leg up to the sky, keeping perfectly straight. Next, crunch up and at same time reach across body with right arm toward left foot.  Repeat with right leg and left arm-that is one complete rep.

Ab Training is easy when combining all three elements

All three components, once in place, results a synergistic effect to tone and tighten the muscles. Having extremely low body fat levels, the muscles clearly defined and delineated.